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Four Seasons Speakers Bureau, Security Alliance is designed as a comprehensive resource which provides organizations at every level the ability to obtain the expertise needed for security and safety education and training.

Our 19 professional advisors are known as top level national and global consultants and trainers who's outstanding background and knowledge focus on the personalization of programs for every client to position your organization to not just survive and prosper but will assure longer term monitoring for your success down the road.

Security is more then being safe it is a mindset of preparedness and ownership through knowledge. Businesses can not wait for these issues to be mandated, they must take action on their own to build upon a positive and secure future.

Safety & Security Growth Strategy Experts & General Topics

Risk Management & Corporate Responsibility. Crisis Management, Global Impact-Culture Collision, Whole World Management, Extortion, Merges & Acquisitions, Market Repositioning, Corporate Leadership Credibility Crisis, Corruption, Bribery, Reclaiming Ethics.

Information Security. Cyber Terrorism relating to Infrastructures of Telecommunications, Energy transportation, Emergency services, Loss of intellectual property, Human dimension of technology and the workplace, Data security and risk assessments, Cyber policies, Safeguarding your data and technology.

Organizational Safety and Security. Substance abuse in the workplace and the community, Risks of Corporate policies and at risk employees, Workplace safety and health, Environmental management & responsibility, Industrial/Commercial Hazardous materials and hazardous waste management, Environmental ethics/product stewardship, Conformance to International quality and environmental standards, Chemical Safety at work and home, At risk kids, Impact of positive and negative labels, Safe Schools, Parent involvement in schooling, Partnership of schools and community.

Workplace Environment Safety. Workplace violence, Overcoming the civility crisis in the workplace, Management leadership and awareness, Harassment prevention and training, Fear Firing, Diversity, Workplace Romance, War and the Workplace, Risk management, Ergonomics and safety, Law and liability, Workplace design, Biomechanics.

Employee & Personal Safety. Strategies to avoid victimization, Surviving workplace violence, Corporate road safety, Travel safety nationally and internationally, Campus Safety, Personal awareness and personal defense, Confined space protection, Airline travel safety, Dealing with violent encounters, Internet crimes against children, What is stalking and what to do about it.

Terrorism at Home and Abroad. Myths and realities of today's terrorist issues, International climate and it's impact on businesses, How to become terrorism proof, How to prevent war with good relations and how to change meetings with hostile factions, negotiations on all levels including bioterrorism, Hope in the face of tragedy, Travel tips to avoid kidnapping, Improving public relations, Crisis policies and procedures, Security techniques and personal protection programs, Cultural differences and their affects on international operations.

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Security Alliance
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