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The Four Seasons Speakers Bureau Corporate Alliance offers your organization's senior managers and heir-apparents a comprehensive approach to business growth strategies, leadership and executive development and corporate visioning… in order to assure success to your organization during uncertain times.

This alliance of 12 selected seasoned professionals serves the trend in major corporations today: to create an institute for the purpose of maximizing and keeping key executives. Participants receive strategy, mentoring and seasoning that far transcends routine training. Our function is also to integrate the development of people as individuals with their performance as teams and ultimately as an entire organization by linking with suppliers, by conducting wide ranging research, by facilitating the delivery of content and by leading the effort to build a superior leadership team.

This concept instills loyalty, empowerment to make decisions, savvy at risk taking and buy-in for long-term company strategies.

An increasing number of Fortune 1000 companies and national professional associations have responded to this need by developing corporate universities, which increased dramatically in number during the 1990's -- a trend that is expected to accelerate in the new decade.

In contrast to traditional academic institutions, corporate universities offer the ability to meet specific, focused workforce education, training and career-development needs. The Corporate University Alliance provides the opportunity to interact with peers, mentors and subject matter experts.

The need exists for comprehensive business ideas and strategy. Numerous seminars offer similar solutions for similar topics. Businesses spend so much time on momentary pieces of their puzzles that they neglect long-term Strategic Planning and miss potential successes. Costs of band-aid surgery and make-good work cost six times that of planning for business on the front end.

Our alliance offers each major component to business success via internationally known mentors, consultants, speakers, trainers and business planners.

Target Audiences...

  1. Corporate management.
  2. Senior executives who have innovated through the years, offering fresh approaches to old lessons and original knowledge to master the balance of their careers.
  3. Rising stars, mid-management execs, entrepreneurs… insights into business functions, seasoning to become a top executive and creative approaches to staying at the top.
  4. Key corporate employees.
  5. Corporate invitees and customers.

The kind of organizations that are ideal for the Corporate University Alliance include:

This alliance has many business experts in its brain trust, several of whom have served as faculty members in other corporate "universities" and "institutes." These highly qualified and selected professionals cover the following topics.

1. The Business you're in

2. Running the business

3. Financial

4. People

5. Business development

6. Body of Knowledge

7. The Big Picture

The Corporate University Alliance professionals also provide:

Our distinguished list of Corporate University Alliance Professionals:

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Corporate Alliance
Security Alliance
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